Whistling & Co.

“Even in the dark we can whistle” -Frederick Beuchner

Every business has story behind their unique brand and all entrepreneurs have a purpose behind their business. It is with great honor to shed light on one business in particular, Whistling & Co. My childhood neighbor and family friend, Emily Brown, has rooted her business in hope and strength. This past August, the Brown’s unexpectedly lost a vital part of their family. Mrs. Mary was a mother, a believer, a supporter, and dear friend to all. 

The necklaces that Emily personally styles by-hand, serves as a reminder that in the midst of heartbreak, we can still whistle together as a supportive community. The physical connection to the necklace reminds us of a strong, spiritual connection between friends and family who share the same pain and loss. 

“We don’t deny the darkness, the necklaces remind us of our humanness in feeling pain and heartbreak, but they also remind us that joy and hope are real and palpable. We call ourselves the Whistlers.” -Emily Brown

I am beyond grateful to be part of this tightly-knit, whistling community. Take a look at a few images from our styled photo shoot last week. 

  • Website- https://whistlingandco.com/
  • Etsy shop- https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhistlingShop
  • Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/whistlingandco/
  • Instagram- @whistlingandco